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Tutors Selection Criteria

We select the best tutors from around the world aiming zero compromise on the quality.

Our Selection Process

  • We select the tutors who have graduated from accredited Institutions/Colleges/Universities.
  • We verify their academic certificates/degrees/transcripts.
  • Our resident subject matter expert tutors conduct a comprehensive online/phone interview with all tutors to verify the depth of their knowledge.
  • We measure subject matter expertise, communication skills and teaching methodology to select the best tutors available.

How we maintain the quality of Education

  • We ask students to give us feedback on a star rating system of 1 to 5 after EACH class.
  • We capture written comments from students about the tutor.
  • We take tardiness ( being on time ), professional ethics very seriously for each teaching session.
  • We get in touch with students using email/phone to get their feedback about quality of teaching.
  • The feedback captured through above three methods is stored in our database and each tutor is assigned a rating based on this criteria.
  • Our Rating system enhances quality consciousness and sense of making best possible effort for our Tutors.

Tutors Classification

Based on our selection criteria, students’ feedback and our internal confidential rating system we classify tutors as follows:

  1. Platinum Those who qualify to teach students in USA/Europe/Middle East/Australia
  2. Diamond Those who qualify to teach students in Cambridge system.
  3. Gold Those who quality to teach students in local boards in Pakistan.