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About Us

During these unprecedent times what passes for a normal life now happens entirely online. Your child’s tutoring experience can also now happen at the comfort of your home. No more dropping and picking up your kids from the tutoring sites and paying ridiculous fees. TutorsBee is here to provide expert level one on one online tutoring at affordable rates. We will help find the perfect tutor based on your preferred teaching style and the subject chosen. Whether you need extra help understanding course work, improve grades, help with home work, or college preparation we are here to help you achieve your learning goals.

Start your child’s path to success Today

Our program will help your child prepare for all of the challenges that lie in their schooling journey. The tutors of TutorsBee provide the students with the valuable skills needed to excel in middle and high school, college, and beyond. You can choose to enroll your child in our complete FastTrack to College Readiness Program or select just the subject they need that extra assistance in. The choice is yours.

No matter what course you choose, you can be sure that your child will get personalized attention and a custom study program. There’s no need to wait! Your child can start their journey to success with one of our brilliant tutors right now.


Top-10 Reasons to Join as a Student
  • Virtual Tutoring

    All you need is internet connection to get online tutoring within the comfort of your home. Compromise on your commute time not your education!

  • Flexible Schedule

    Schedule your tutoring hours at whatever time is most convenient for YOU. Our tutors are highly available as we provide services from around the globe.

  • Tutor Selection

    We only select highly accomplished & talented Tutors based on our strict criterion which scrutinizes tutors communication skills, knowledge of subjects, work ethics & professionalism.

  • One-on-One Interaction

    You will be assigned a Tutor with expertise in your areas of interest. Get full attention from your tutor to get the maximum benefit of your time.

  • Trial Classes

    You will conduct a free trial class with a tutor. If you are 100% satisfied with their level of expertise, communication skills and teaching methodology then we will finalize the tutor for you. If not we will allow unlimited trial classes to find your perfect match.

  • Tutors Rating System

    After EVERY class that is conducted, student is encouraged to rate the session with the Tutor based on a star rating system of 1 to 5. You can also provide detailed description of your feedback. The star rating and feedback is kept CONFIDENTIAL and is used to maintain and improve quality of education.

  • Tutors Education

    We are constantly looking for best tutors in the subject areas of Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English etc. Our Tutors are mostly Engineering, medicine, business Management or English majors.

  • Cost Effective

    Our tutoring rates are very affordable compared to other one-on-one Tutoring charges.

  • Teaching Tools

    We utilize latest technologies, software and methods to make the experience of teaching and learning easy, interactive & fun.

  • Quality of Education

    The quality of education is maintained at any cost at all levels. The tutors who fail to maintain quality are removed from the database and are no longer engaged for tutoring purpose.