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Gifted and Talented Instructional Mentor

According to the Institute for Educational Advancement, gifted students often possess “advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity.” Because of their unique thinking processes, these students have “inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.” Because these children experience the world so differently, they require a different approach in teaching, parenting, and guidance.

How to Find a Gifted and Talented Program

You may receive gifted and talented support for your child through your local school system. But if local services aren’t available, you can still ensure that your gifted and talented student gets the support he or she needs to thrive. There are several online programs available to serve your child’s unique needs.

One of the leading and most respected remote programs for gifted and talented students is Stanford College’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). This program offers online courses and support for children in all grade levels. Northwestern College’s Gifted LearningLinks (GLL) is also a well-developed program that offers your student online access to accelerated courses for any grade level. The Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at Johns Hopkins offers online coursework for gifted and talented students for grades Pre-K through 12 to children in over 60 countries.

How to Support Your Gifted and Talented Student

If you recognize that your child is ready to accelerate their learning, but aren’t sure how to support him or her, our gifted and talented instructional mentors can help. Whether your child is participating in the gifted and talented program offered by your local school district or a virtual program, finding the right mentor will help him or her achieve the best results. With one-on-one tutoring your student will have a trusted partner on whom he or she can rely.

Here are ten benefits of choosing a personal mentor for your gifted child:

  • Understanding: Early learners may have different emotional or intellectual needs than other students. It may be difficult for your child to explain to you, or his or her instructors, exactly what they are thinking or feeling. Our trained tutors understand the unique needs of gifted learners.
  • Challenge: Not every gifted and talented program is created equal. Your student may be able to rise to the top of the class, yet still not reach his or her full potential. A gifted and talented tutor can identify where your child needs additional challenges to help him or her develop.
  • Intellectual Growth: By providing weekly intellectual challenge and stimulation, our tutors will keep your child’s mind in peak shape all year long. Your child will regularly exercise his or her problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Balance: Gifted students are sometimes asynchronous learners. Your child who excels in science may find literature more difficult. The student who can remember historical facts with ease may not remember long equations. Your child’s tutor can help your student stay up to speed in all of his or her advanced classes.
  • Support: Some very bright children are twice exceptional. These 2e students may be gifted and talented yet still have learning disabilities. Your child’s tutor can offer the structure and support he or she needs to work through these challenges.
  • Coordinated care: Often, your child will be working with both educators and counselors to meet his or her unique needs. A personal tutor can ensure that therapeutic exercises are being incorporated into your child’s week. Using the techniques and methods prescribed by your child’s school or counselor, our tutors will give your student a strong foundation on which to build their learning strengths.
  • Critical Thinking: Often lacking in school settings, where students must focus on passing tests and advancing, your child’s tutor can challenge him or her to engage in critical thinking. Using Socratic discussion methods, your child’s tutor will guide your child to a deeper level of thinking.
  • Inspiration: The regular school day doesn’t always offer enough time for students to really explore their interests. Your child’s gifted and talented mentor can assist him or her in finding safe sources of information—online and off—to investigate the subjects that inspire him or her to want more. Tomorrow’s visionaries start with today’s inspired learners.
  • Accountability: Intelligence does not guarantee diligence. Helping kids with their homework is always a challenge in busy households. Helping gifted and talented students with homework is even more difficult. A qualified tutor can be your second set of eyes, ensuring that your student is keeping up with his or her homework assignments and staying on track.
  • Confidence: With a mentor by his or her side, your student can feel free to explore new areas of learning. Your child sees the world in a unique way and that is a gift. Your child’s tutor can help nurture that gift, giving your child the confidence to pursue big dreams—dreams that we can’t even begin to imagine.

Connect Your Student with a Mentor Today

Every parent wants the best for their child. Let the mentors at TutorsBee.com help you provide your child with the best education possible. If your school doesn’t provide gifted and talented instruction for your child, we can help you to select the online programs that will provide classwork that meets your child’s needs. Alternatively, our tutors can create a custom program of weekly learning tasks that will give your child the intellectual stimulation he or she needs. Unlock the future. Give your child the support he or she needs to truly excel with one-on-one tutoring.