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Tutors Bee is a service providing platform that maintains a huge database of competent tutors all around the world with a strong grip on various subject matters. It links students from any part of the world to continue the process of learning, through competent tutors from any country. The website provides high quality online tuition services with a well directed methodology for quality control.

Tutors Bee maintains a huge database of tutors all around the world. We make the utmost effort to provide the best tutoring services to students located in any corner of the world. Our range of offered subjects covers almost every required area, as per standards of reputed academic institutions. These tutors come through a tough filter of quality check, control and management.

The student will register with the basic identification information, subjects they need help in and their time of availability. We will connect them with the most suitable tutors available in our database.

Yes, students are not bound with a single tutor for multiple subjects; they can hire services of a subject matter specialist for each of the required subjects.

If the students are not satisfied with the tutors after the test or trial class, they will be provided with as many options as required until they find a tutor they are satisfied with. They will only be asked to fulfill financial responsibility to hire the services when they are satisfied with the desired tutor.

Our services do not impose any geographical restrictions; individuals from any part of the world can avail our services and take advantage of our online tuition. However, direct/face to face tutoring may only be provided in case of having the relevant subject matter specialist within access of the student’s location.

Yes, we also offer this service, subject to availability of the subject matter specialist within the same geographical location. However the teachers’ selection will go through the same process; if you are satisfied with the teacher available in the area of accessibility, the service will be provided. At-home/premises Service is only limited to Pakistan right now.

As a tutor you can register with our site by providing basic identification information, your academic credentials and professional/teaching experience.

Our Selection Process entails the following steps:

  • We select tutors who have graduated from accredited Institutions/ Colleges/ Universities.
  • We verify their academic certificates/ degrees/ transcripts.
  • Our resident subject matter expert tutors conduct a comprehensive online/phone interview with all tutors to verify the depth of their knowledge.
  • We measure subject matter expertise, communication skills and teaching methodology to select the best tutors available.

It depends on the number of hours you can easily manage per week without affecting the quality of education. You can tutor from 9 to 30 hours / week.

After the trial class and selection of suitable tutor, the student makes the payment using methods available on our website. We will release the payment to the tutor at the completion of the month, only after you are satisfied with the provided services. Students are encouraged to provide feedback after EVERY class and are required to contact us if there is any issue in terms of tardiness/quality of education etc. during the course of the entire duration of the class.