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Study Skills: The Best Way to Learn

Study skills are nothing but approaches which are applied to learning. They inculcate an array of skills which tackle the process of absorbing, retaining, and dealing with new information. In addition, these skills boosts a person’s ability to study, and enables them to learn efficiently. These discrete techniques can usually be learnt in a short time, and are vastly different from strategies specific to a particular approach to study or natural abilities of a person.

Benefits of Study Skills :

  • The students of this century need more than just academic skills; soft skills are needed more than before, and improving study skills can help one to make more efficient use of study time.
  • Study skills are deemed to make learning easier, and help retain what has been learnt for a longer period of time.
  • It builds focus; memory, concentration, and motivation are crucial components to success in education and beyond.
  • Everyone learns in a different way, and one needs to assess their own best learning method in order to develop strengths and address the weaknesses.
  • Study skills are not subject specific, and these generic skills can be applied to any area of study. These skills help an individual get the most out of what they are studying.
  • Effective study skills must be practiced in order to improve, and by using these skills efficiently, one can gain a valuable edge in understanding material, preparing for tests, and ultimately learning.
  • These effective study skills include:
    • Thinking Skills
    • SQ3R method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)
    • Reading
    • Getting the Main Idea
    • Extracting important details.
    • Taking notes
    • Outlining textbooks
  • These study skills equip the student with aids to answer in the examination, and to efficiently recall what they have learnt while remaining calm and composed.

Study Skills at TutorsBee :

We at TutorsBee are very considerate of the knowledge we give to the students and the way we impart it. We aim to equip our students with the best set of skills that are going to remain with them, by transitioning their knowledge into daily habits. The students will be taught to focus on taking the notes properly, as they are the best source for reviewing the material covered in class. We will teach our students to take notes efficiently, and then review them and correct their methods wherever needed. In 12 sessions of 1 hour each, we will ensure that our students have fallen into the daily habit of effective learning. More than simple tutoring, we aim to give the students a head start with skills that will help them in every avenue.