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FastTrack to College Readiness

We are living in amazing times! In the past, only a select few could fulfill their dreams of obtaining a College education. Available spots were limited, and not everyone could afford to attend. But now, if a child has the desire to learn and a willingness to work hard, they can win one of those coveted spots. Scholarship programs are available for those students who prove they have the skills and talents to make it through the rigors of a college education.

But how can you prepare your child for this challenge? How can you ensure that they demonstrate their skills and sincere desire to take their learning to the next level? Tutors Bee can help. Our three-step FastTrack to College Readiness program is designed to guide your child step-by-step toward their goal of College admission. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Developing a solid foundation of study skills (Duration:1 month)

Our Study Skills course provides your child with a set of tools that they can use for every class in school. In this one-month long introductory class, each student will receive 12 hours of detailed instruction on how to make the most of their study time. Our course teaches your child how to identify learning goals and remember what he or she has learned. During this one-month class, your child will learn time management, text outlining, and test review tips. These skills serve students not only while they are in school but throughout life. With this foundation for future success, Tutors Bee students are ready to take full advantage of our next step in the Road to College program.

Step 2: Learning the critical thinking skills of a gifted and talented student
Duration: 3 to 6 months (depending on your child’s grade level and existing skills)

Most schools’ Gifted and Talented programs are highly selective. Due to budget and space constraints, it isn’t always possible for every qualified student to gain a seat. During the 6-month Gifted and Talented programs,, our tutors will help your child in several ways.

First, our instructional mentors are familiar with the tests used for Gifted and Talented programs. Your child’s tutor will perform an assessment of your child’s abilities and compare it to the Gifted and Talented program criteria.

Using this information, Tutors Bee provides each student with a custom learning plan to improve their skills and prepare for Gifted and Talented program admissions tests such as the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) or the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). Once admitted into a gifted and talented program, your child can continue to rely on our tutors to guide him or her through the Gifted and Talented program classwork.

Next, if your child’s school does not offer a Gifted and Talented program, our instructors can assist you in selecting and qualifying your child for one of the many online Gifted and Talented programs available. Several famous colleges offer instruction for gifted children beginning in Kindergarten through grade 12. Our team of tutors understand the rigors of these programs and can help your child through the process of admission and learning, from start to finish.

Finally, as our world economy shifts, critical thinking skills are increasingly important for every student. If you don’t plan to enroll your child in a specific Gifted and Talented program, you can still provide them with the critical thinking skills that these programs nurture. Our tutors have experience teaching students at all levels of skill and knowledge. Your child’s tutor can assess his or her unique skills and abilities and then craft a program that enhances and nurtures those natural talents.

Through our Gifted and Talented program, your child will learn how to distinguish between fact, theory, and opinion. Our mentors will teach them how to identify problems and the steps to solving them efficiently. Your child will learn to call on information and resources from different fields of study and apply that knowledge to each challenge he or she faces.

The ability to employ critical thinking skills to solve problems is one of the key characteristics of leaders in every field. When your child learns to incorporate these skills early, he or she gains a lifelong advantage.

Step 3: Gaining a head start on College entrance exams
Duration: 6 to 12 months (depending on your child’s grade level)

This third step is the core of Tutors Bee’s Road to College program-- the Middle School SAT Prep program. We believe early preparation is the key to your child’s future success. By beginning SAT preparations in middle school, your child has time to internalize the facts and formulas needed to excel. Instead of rushing to obtain knowledge in time for the SAT examination date, our program allows your child to identify weaknesses and address them in a progressive and controlled manner.

Middle school SAT preparation is also helpful for those students who want to take the SATs before entering into higher grade levels or during their freshman and sophomore years. Your child may want to take the SAT early to assess their standing and establish a benchmark for future tests.

Of course, if your child is already in middle school, our tutors can still help them prepare for the SAT exam. Our Middle School SAT Prep program lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the individual student’s needs. As with all our programs, your child’s instructional mentor will assess your child’s skills and knowledge and then design a study program customized to fit his or her needs.

Set Your Child’s Course Today

Wherever your child is on the road to College, we can help them arrive at their destination. Our courses will help your child prepare for all of the challenges that lie ahead. The mentors of Tutors Bee provide our students with the valuable skills needed to excel in school, College and beyond. You can choose to enroll your child in our complete FastTrack to College Readiness Program or select those programs that he or she needs. The choice is yours.

No matter what course you choose, you can be sure that your child will get personalized attention and a custom study program. There’s no need to wait! Your child can begin studying with one of our talented mentors right now. Register now for one of our 30-minute trial classes and find out exactly what Tutors Bee can do for your child!