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Tutors Selection Criteria

We select the best tutors from around the world with zero compromise on the quality.

Our Selection Process

  • We select online tutors who have graduated from accredited Institutions/Colleges/Universities.
  • We verify their academic certificates/degrees/transcripts.
  • Our resident subject matter expert tutors conduct a comprehensive online/phone interview with all tutors to verify the depth of their knowledge.
  • We measure subject matter expertise, communication skills and teaching methodology to select the best tutors available.

How we maintain the quality of Education

  • We ask students to give us feedback on a star rating system of 1 to 5 after EACH class.
  • We capture written comments from students about the tutor.
  • We take tardiness ( being on time ), professional ethics very seriously for each teaching session.
  • We get in touch with students using email/phone to get their feedback about the quality of teaching.
  • The feedback captured through the above three methods is stored in our database and each tutor is assigned a rating based on this criteria.
  • Our Rating system enhances quality consciousness and ensures that our tutors put in their best possible efforts.