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How It Works?

We provide online managed tutoring services all across the globe.

Tutors Bee maintains a huge database of tutors all around the world. We make the utmost efforts to provide the best online tutoring services to students located in any corner of the world. Our range of offered subjects covers almost all required areas, as per standards of reputed academic institutions. These online tutors come through a tough filter of quality check, control and management. For better understanding, please check or tutor selection criteria.

Registration as a Tutor

If you have prior teaching experience or you think you have the potential to become a great teacher, use the simple registration process on our home page to register with us. We capture a number of important data elements like academic qualification, experience, subjects you have previously taught, to gauge your level of expertise. You may be asked to upload relevant documents to verify your credentials. To gauge your level of expertise you may be required to take a timed online test in the area(s) that you plan to teach. A senior Tutor from our staff will conduct a verbal skype or phone interview to know which level/grade of classes you can conduct.

Register as a Student

You may register as a student on our home page and provide some basic information including:

  • Subjects that you want to study.
  • Your Grade/Class Level ( Grade K-12, College, Professional )
  • Time slots during which you are available. ( Days & time )

How do we connect a student with a great Tutor?

  • The student will submit his/her requirement in terms of Subjects, Grade Level, times of availability.
  • Our staff searches our database of qualified Online Tutors to find the best matched Tutor for the Student.
  • A trial class is scheduled based on an agreed upon time by the Student and the Tutor.
  • If the student is NOT satisfied with the selected Tutor, another trial class is scheduled till a more suitable Tutor is found as per your needs.
  • Once the Tutor is selected, the student makes the payment and a recurring schedule of the class is communicated to the student.