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About Us

In this era, when time and resource management has become persistent daily life challenge, online tutoring is nothing less than a blessing for students as well as the tutors. A student learning from online tuition doesn’t have to face geographical and spatial boundaries at any level.

This indeed enables the students to be in any part of the world and still continue the process of learning. Contrary to the formal education system, where one has to be in a particular place at a particular time; one just have to be in front of your computer at a certain time which makes learning a whole lot easier.

We maintain a database of talented & qualified tutors from around the world after going through a strict selection process assessing their knowledge of the subject, communication skills, and professional ethics. Based on your needs a qualified Tutor is assigned to you and a trial class is conducted. You only continue with the tutor if you are fully satisfied.

In few limited countries, we also provide tutors who can teach you at your home or teaching facility.

TutorsBee.com is not only a blessing for the students but a great platform for the tutors as well who want to utilize their time and knowledge and turn their potential into some extra earning. Online tutoring enables a tutor to enhance his/her financial status, and credibility as an international tutor since it lets them teach without physically being present at a particular venue. The Tutors registered on our database can be anywhere in the world and still be engaged with their students.